Ladydustbunny is turning into Kandee Johnson & Guru without makeup ew!

This is LadyDustBunny she is an awkward tommy boy on


With only 50 subscribers in counting.

She’s been on YouTube for only two years she started off playing

video games.

But now it seem like she is copying a page out of YouTube

fashion guru Kandee Johnson.

 and now started talking about her baby too.

Even have a website call Baby and the geek

we can’t make this sh*t up.

To clearly win over subs just like

Kandee Johnson.

And also doing makeup tutorial on YouTube.

So far Ladydustbunny is not that annoying

like other guru monsters yet.

But myself & the B squad will sure keep and eye on her to see if when she gets more subscribers how she will change.

This is daiserz89 she is a fashion guru who look so bad without


YouTube newbie Ladydustbunny you just have been

exposed by the B squad.

Her website is call Perfect Beauty.


More like lip stick, blush, and a hold lot of makeup beauty.

YouTube fashion guru daiserz89 you just have been exposed by the B squad.

Come back again subs while myself & B squad expose some more gurus you love to love or just love to hate.


Exposing YouTube gurus Dulce Candy’s, Cassandra Bankson & other YouTube gurus

Hey Subs it’s Raven, exposing YouTube gurus once again.

 Whether you love to love them, or just love to hate



just want to exposed them like myself, with some help from the B squad.

This is Cassandra Bankson from DiamondsAndHeels14 she’s a model.

And she is also a fraud

How can one model with this face on the left.

So how is it she have over 300 thousands subscribers much less a

modeling career with a face like that?

So it’s fair to ask where is her modeling contract?


Where is her modeling contract?

The question you really should be asking yourselves subs, is where is your modeling contract too?

If Cassandra Bankson got one why shouldn’t you.

After all she’s just a YouTube guru.

YouTube guru Cassandra Bankson you just have been

exposed by the B squad.

Those of you who don’t know this wannabe Kim K  look – a- like

Dulce Candy’s  is getting desperate these day’s more

then ever.

She will do anything to be just like her role model kim.

So Kim K is known for taking her clothes off-screen and now

Dulce Candy’s .

Was seen naked in the shower in one of her video’s on

YouTube three days ago doing the same


YouTube guru Dulce Candy’s you just have been

exposed by the B squad.

This is TiariTenee I think someone should tell her that Halloween is


And that’s the only day a woman can justified dressing like a


This so call fashion designer only make trashy clothes, not even kim kardashian

would wear this sh*t and that’s saying something.

So I guess dulcecandy87 wouldn’t be wearing this either.

Maybe T needs to stop trying to design & make her own clothes.

 I know Wal-Mart sell pretty cheap clothes I’m sure T can buy from there.

YouTube guru T you just have been

exposed by the B squad.

YouTube gurus charliejames1975, new guru Mezniquee Mattisfashiongurus & nitraab exposed

Hey Subs it’s Raven, exposing YouTube gurus you love to love or just

love to hate.

With some help from the B squad.

Starting with this YouTube fitness guru  she just love jumping up & down and pushing her boobs to the camera.

 To give viewers a closer look at her fake tattoos that she put on her left boob.

What I said her tattoos is fake.

Do you know something that I don’t know Subs?

I don’t even know what the hell this workout position pose to do

beside have ass to the air again.

YouTube fitness guru you just have been exposed by the B squad.

Oh yeah subs this next Oreo guru is for all of you.

about damn time right!

 When it comes to this confuse chick right here.

Her channel is call the Oreo Experience

Because she feels that she’s more white then she is black.

 She just don’t want a white Christmas for a day, She wants it for the whole damn year.

Should I break the news to her?

Your Blaaaaaaack!

YouTube Oreo guru from the Oreo Experience you just have been exposed by the B squad.

YouTube newest fashion guru on the block 23yrs old

 Mezniquee Mattisfashiongurus, She a self proclaim virgin vixen socialite.

But is it too early to call her a fashion guru, She have been around a while.

While back she was in Romeo Miller music video.

I wonder if they made other video’s together?

She’s now dating this guy from news press by the name of Shawn Stefan Devito,  She calls  him her white Mandingo.

Photo: YP Event

Ok then

They got close when doing a web series together.

 His friend knew her friend, and now the two seem like close friends

or more.

YouTube fashion guru Mezniquee Mattisfashiongurus you just have been exposed by the B squad.

Last we have this YouTube fashion guru

Who spend more days talking about her wedding to her chubbier half,

then talking about fashion.

She goes on & on about her wedding, give a count down and all.

Instead of giving her viewers real fashion!

While there are other new fashion gurus right behind her, with way better love life.

YouTube fashion guru  you just have been exposed by the B squad.

Youtube Gurus Exposed TheXiaxue, Mezniquee Mattisfashiongurus & Dulce Candy’s

Hey Subs it’s Raven, exposing YouTube gurus you love to love or just love to hate.

with a little help the B squad, I find out just who is the Gurus that’s worth the exposed.

Kicking it off with YouTube guru TheXiaxue did she bleached her skin?

Say it isn’t so.

Because we here at the B squad sure her Asian boyfriend.



Sure her white boyfriend love her no matter what.

  But for TheXiaxue that’s easily said and not done.

Even a lot of her subscribers  said she was trying to be White instead  of Asian.

Subs before you jump to conclusion you might want to hear what

TheXiaxue bleach first.

Well we at B squad don’t know what she may have bleach but we do know that

she just colored her hair pink.


What the H-E-L-L upper cut Hockey sticks did she do that for?

  She colored her hair Pink so that viewers wouldn’t think she’s

trying to be white right.

Because after all she Love’s being Asian just look at TheXiaxue explaining about

her eye tape that she put on her eye lids in a makeup tutorial

YouTube guru TheXiaxue you just have been exposed by the B squad.

Moving right along to YouTube new fashion guru Mezniquee Mattisfashiongurus she’s a 23 yr old virgin she is a blogger at

Who happened to make everything sound sexual she talks about shoes and it sound

like 4 play.

Yeah sure she’s entertaining  and all she’s also fashionable in her clothes.

YouTube guru Mezniquee Mattisfashiongurus you just have been exposed by the B squad.

I save this one for last YouTube guru Dulce Candy’s

Aka kardashian wannabe

Everything that the Kardashian do she have to do bigger.

Oh yeah this is Dulce Candy’s closet.

Dulce Candy’s even have an online store too trying to keep up with her wannabe idol.

YouTube guru Dulce Candy’s you just have been exposed by the

B squad.

YouTube gurus you all have been exposed by the B squad.

As for you subs telling who would you like us to exposed next?